Directing Production Screenwriting completed

SUSANNE, 2004 (Documentary)

90 min.
documentary DV > transfered HD

The central theme of SUSANNE is the relationship of two young women who were particularly affected by the East-West separation of Germany trying to struggle to free themselves only with difficulty from the old role patterns. 

A co-production of Claudia Rorarius
and ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehspiel

Two second cousins grow up in Berlin – Claudia in the West, Susanne in the East part of the city. Despite the wall they see each other regularly as children. The relatives from the West give them the “Bravo“ and other highly coveted presents during their visits. Nevertheless, Susanne conceives a childlike enthusiasm for the GDR. It turns to doubt when she reaches adolescence. The younger Claudia feels overwhelmed by the politicized Susanne. The contact breaks off.

Claudia does an artistic-creative training in the capitalist West, Susanne, on the other hand, comes into conflict with the socialist state power and gets imprisoned. After the turnabout Claudia and Susanne come again into contact and begin coming to terms with the former life and the presence.

Old East-West characters break free, their relationship as cousins takes a lasting turn.

© photos: Claudia Rorarius / Soquietfilms

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